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Sir bungalows are large and the rest Farmaate Dalit families of the deceased Treatment to recover the amount appealed for body blocked are put

            Sir bungalows are large and the rest Farmaate Dalit families of the deceased
                        Treatment to recover the amount appealed for body blocked are put
                                          Ramkishoar Pawar,18 Jan 2011. 
Betul. {M.P.} Aboriginal - Rlito Shivraj called the director in the rule body of his young son to a village to Kotwar rate - the rate had to swerve. Kotwar the village near which he had all his treatment because the state of any private hospital free of charge but may have been treated but the treatment caused her body to the deposits do not get not one but two days kept stopped. Poor range of Justice appealed the district head of the Dalit community representing Kalackter Office and residence of Honor, from the morning until two o'clock of the day Peone sat but neither the boss nor his villa came out this information by any staff meet any initiative. Tribal concentration of Betul District Tehsil Village Casya Dokaya Hansadehi Kotwar Sukhdev said the village to his son Dilip Ahmalapur depot while cutting trees fall injuries was serious. Dilip Pdar the district hospital for treatment, was hospitalized. Dilip died on January 16 during the treatment. Sukhdev said that the amount of treatment paid 35 rupees. Hospital management and the demand is 25 rupees. Due to poor money management by giving Pdar hospital refused to release the body. Dilip Betul district headquarters after the regional legislature Alkesh Arya recommended by Simcaco DK skills Pdar was admitted to the hospital. MLA's recommendation and the poverty line after the card by the hospital management refused to give bodies to Dilip state government plans to look at a Twanlat Palete example. Betul like the tribal district of state chief minister Shivraj Singh Atyoanday card, BPL card, Dayal card in front of a bitter truth came when humanity has become red-faced. The district where a single party and the opposition representatives Kalackter office after coming to her turned to see the need to not feel. While the service name of the second treatment in hospitals professionalism fill such a conceit that he has been dominating the cost of treatment not to collect the deceased's body rather than a full two days are held to ransom. Pdarz Missionary Hospital in the country to say so myself, the example of serving humanity by telling the country - receives grant money from abroad, millions have been going on but are not the vision of humanity in the Hospital. Things like a wife to her husband and a father to his son's body cremated rate - the rate had to wander too just for the sake of money. Kaalapatha development of Betul district headquarters in the city on January 8 during the tree cutting Dilip called young tree fell. Family members ever selling jewelry, so treat someone Dilip tried to take credit. Dilip despite eight days of treatment could not be any improvement in the condition and died on January 16 at noon by Dilip and family fell on the roar like. Turn came to take the corpse to the funeral Pdar hospital management refused to give the body. Dilip's death after the hospital management not consistent Guharoan Pasieza the family have become helpless. Around the figure reached only plead with the administrative head. Deceased wife of Dilip Malthi left his mother for six months to adopt the baby, father figure with a collector appealed to the Collectorate came Monday morning at 9, but here too he had to wait three hours. Malthi information to come in the morning collector was reached. After Hours Collector appealed to the Malthi heard Bajirao Gavai Pdar hospital manager on the phone immediately asked for the body. Collector appealed to the Malthi Pdar hospital after hearing the call from the manager Bajirao Gavai discussed. He said the money for the funeral the body can not stop. The claim will be the rule. They provide family members immediately asked for the body. Tribal Development Department after he left the endangered item Malthi funeral provided the sum of two thousand rupees.hmalapur resident contractor Parsaram Nagla Dilip fall in the hands but he gave two thousand rupees and 13 rupees a whole family was admitted to Dilip. Amravati Nagpur or go over to Dilip she was saying. Then there escaped from Parsaram contractor. Malthi Bai said was owed on the amount of wages. Pdar hospital management after the death of Dilip body for balance Rs 25 was denied. Father Sukhdev said first deposited Rs 10 for treatment and medicines had spent over 25 thousand. Now after his death, managing to release the body was demanding Rs 30. Later came to Rs 25. Now have come to plead to the collector. Hospital Medical Superintendent of the hospital management charges Dr. Rajeev Chaudhry said, "We made sure the pressure to recover the amount of treatment but not stopped dead. It went on Sunday without informing the deceased family. When a patient dies so often people make the excuse of not having money. Dr. Chowdhury said that the patient Antodaya card or a card from the poverty line do not support us. Directed the district administration on hospital food Pijaning victim of school children and injured children treated by falling power which did not amount to date. Treatment facility to provide up to Rs 20 Dayal treatment plan is initiated. This card was near SS is his poverty line card. Alkesh Arya said in a letter to legislators Simcaco, but when trouble came the moment the plan proved to be only out of action cards and letters. Betul collector of the developments being evasive answers. Pdar hospital, he said, a woman was not her husband's body? I just learned of this, the assistance given to women, told to get the body. They say that the situation seems to be inhuman or Puanga not say anything in this regard. Cooperation is the situation becomes. Claim is that it is paid at discounted levels. Maybe it happened before. Dilip's Hospital Parijno Walo the Pdarz the card will be shown and he will not see card. The development of the most embarrassing fact is that when the time for the body of the deceased family members were lost when a program Thace were thought Betul collector.

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